To 2018

What. A. Year. 🙂

2017 has been the best and worst year of my life. Too many moments that I want to remember, but the human mind can only take so much. Photos aren’t really that great either, electronic devices can run out of memory or just die on us anytime. Words… after going so long without reading just for pleasure, I can’t seem to find them anymore. In cases like this, lists often come to the rescue. Still, so sorry for the horrible language. I think I’ll start with a list of firsts (and some lasts marked with a *)  that happened in 2017 (in no particular order).

  1. Being in the ICU and getting a seizure*.
  2. Being in a coma (induced)*.
  3. Going clubbing.
  4. Weighing 45kg.
  5. Going and enjoying myself at a jazz festival.
  6. Watching Boorenda bb do spoken word.
  7. Wearing a long dress to prom.
  8. Doing a body shot (of water) off someone.
  9. Completing the Viper Challenge.
  10. Feeling romantic love!! (I THINK, BC IT WAS A DREAM).
  11. Ice skating.
  12. Threading my brows and getting a manicure.
  13. Buying a pair of boots.
  14. Crying over school-related matters.
  15. Shopping online.
  16. Flying (cheer) since 2012/2013.
  17. SAT test* and French oral assessment.
  18. Watching a depressed friend being suicidal.
  19. Dressing up for Halloween. (as Sandy from Grease)

Cheers to 2018. Really excited for this one. 


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