Hi everyone! 🙂 Ok, first of all, I think I should share a little about myself hah. Really just an average (note: average, not typical) Malaysian IB student trying to figure out who I want to be.

For a while before this blog was started, I found myself having many thoughts I felt like I couldn’t share with anyone because I figured that no one would understand.

So, I decided to start this blog where I will write when it all becomes a little too much that it seems selfish not to share, be it the joys of life or the extras that crowd my mind (oh look at me trying to rhyme)

Whilst updating and categorising my posts into categories, I realised how most of them don’t belong in just one category. Most of the time, they overlap so you will find the same posts in different categories. This situation also kind of shows how nothing in our lives is absolute (shoutout to Silvia Teow), which is not necessarily a bad thing. Everything consists of a little of everything. Sometimes we try to isolate parts and give them labels because we like knowing things like “Oh, that was a bad time. I wanna forget that ever happened to me” But if you think about it, those bad times really are not all bad. So I think what’s truly beautiful is when we are able to enjoy the good parts of life but not be blinded by it and accept the bad parts by finding the good in them.

That being said, this blog still has categories for the convenience of navigation – pls check them out. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you like what you see enough to click that follow button!

In an effort to remind, reminisce and reconsider


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